Премьера Let me be

Премьера Let me be. Слава Булгакова
The song "Let me be" is our first colaboration with a talented Iranian composer, Alvand Jalali, who  is also the producer of the song. Alvand writes magical classical music, music films and original modern music.
He bribed me not only with his talent as a composer, but also with his ideology, which resonates with my personal worldview and i like  Alvand's believes that music is the only international language that can penetrate the hearts of people, it's quiet fasinating that the world's theme takes a leading place in his work.
This English lyric song is in a new style of DuBstep, with which we recorded it in one of the musical capitals of the world - the wonderful city of Vienna.
The main message that goes through the whole song is that only Love can save this world which is mired in negativity, evil and strife. "Do not let me be alone" - speaks to our real demand that we all are looking for someone in whom ,as in a mirror, our dreams and desires will be reflected.
I genuinely sincerely believe that the magic power of music and words coming from the heart, sooner or later, will lead people to lay down their arms, open their hearts and heal wounds.
By using my creativity I was hoping that people would learn to listen, feel, forgive, believe, hope and love.
                                                                                                             Slava Bulgakova. 


Слава Булгакова